SPF Black Daisy


It’s the dog days of summer. It’s hot. My upper back feels like a handbag, and well, It just feels good to be covered in radness. 

Salt Gypsy to the rescue.

My pal Danny’s line is killing it lately, (or always has in my book). She has the uncanny ability to capture the badass yet feminine vibe, keep the environment in check (her gear is all made from ECONYL®  – fabric made from recycled ghost fishing nets, and other ocean & nylon waste) …and well, it’s just awesome to see someone go all in with a vision, and totally nail it. 

And I love this whole black daisy range. Big time. (It’s also reversible.)

Yeah, I’m just being a total poser on the beach here (quick shout out to the iphone 8 portrait mode that blows my mind)…but trust me, it’s some of the best gear you can surf in too. Big waves or small, duck dives or wipeouts, it shall not budge. And you shall stay covered and stylin’ too. 

I’ll get a pic in this set actually surfing someday for proof (no clue how that will happen, but I’ll try), but in the meantime take my word for it. 

And say hallelujah for SPF Salt Gypsy. 


Thank you Salt Gypsy for the surf separates. My upper back, shoulders, neck, chest, bottom turn, and dermatologist want to send you a bear hug too. 

A bunch of other posts featuring Salt Gypsy (The Maldives surf trip is my favorite) Are aqui. 

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