Nekked Tropical Toes


I finally found some time to paint my toes again. Go figure it turned out to be another tropical print. What’s new about these piggies, is that they’re nekked. As in it’s just a base coat with the nail art on top. It kind of makes it look like a clear decal. Which I totally am digging. So just be prepared for lots of au natural nail art from now on. Makes deciding on a color a helluva lot easier too. 

Should anyone want to give it a shot, here’s the directions. 

• Paint toes with a base coat.

• Grab a nail art brush and a dotting tool. (I use a nail art kit similar to this one)

• Using the nail art brush, paint some palm fronds coming off the perimeter of each toe. Use a light and opaque color for the fronds. (I used baby blue.) 

• Now, grab a dotting tool and paint some flowers. Flowers = five dots in a circle with a dot in the middle that’s a different color. I did some red and peach flowers. I made the peach one a little bigger. I also made sure that it overlapped the palm fronds a bit too. 

• Go in and print some itty bitty dots next to the flower. If you want. I like to think this makes them look like a flower stamen, but it might just look like itty bitty dots.

• Final trick = go back in with your nail art brush and color you used for the palm fronds, and repaint some of the fronds in places so they overlap on parts of the flowers. This gives it some dimension. Fun stuff

• Wait for the polish to dry, then seal the deal with a glossy top coat.

• Done. 

Enjoy looking at your toes, and realizing they kind of look like they are covered in stickers from the ABC store.

**I always use Zoya and Julep polishes (I just like their polishes and they’re free of the nasty gunk)

More nail art aqui. // You can also see them all over on Instagram #GoldfishKissToes 

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