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I must take a moment to document the highlight of my trip last week in San Francisco: Quite possibly one of the best bike rides of my life.  

I was told by multiple people (family and friends) that the one must-do in San Fran (a city I’ve never been to…other than getting dropped off at the Wharf for 1 hour. Doesn’t count), is rent a bike, bike across the Golden Gate Bridge, then up to either Sausalito or Tiburon, and take the ferry back.

I took their advice. And it was a few of the more exhilarating and mind refreshing hours I’ve had in a while.

Here’s the breakdown:

1: Rent a bike at Blazing Saddles on Hyde Street (I got an Original Irish Coffee at The Buena Vista before heading out…so I was extra talkative during the rental process, and forgot some of the directions.)

2: Head on out and hit the trail. Bike along the water, stop and take pictures of the palm trees that look like something out of a Dr. Seuss Book.

3: Stop at the overlook before the bridge and take so many pics your iPhone storage fills up. Then bike across the bridge, and stop about every 50 feet to look up, back, and down at the water. Try not to get nervous that you’ll drop keys, or sunglasses, or have wedding ring somehow slip off your finger.

4: Continue biking to Sausalito, and feel like you are in some European town on the riviera, or a lake or something. 

5: Continue biking all the way up to Tiburon, soaking up the sun and getting one helluva workout in the process. Also note everyone biking at this pint is in spandex-serious-biker-outfits. (whereas I am in chucks, leggings, a tee, zip up hoodie, with a plaid shirt tied around my waist. Not too aerodynamic I guess)

6: Walk around Tiburon: aka another cute little coastal town that I want to curl up and cuddle with.

7: Head back to town on the ferry, and sit on the top, hair blowing in the wind, soaking up the sun, views, and waving hi to Alcatraz. 

6: Get dropped off at the pier in San Fran, bike back to the starting point, return bike, and think…wow those last few hours were freaking fantastic. 

So. If anyone is in, or planning a trip to San Fran, you know what I think you should definitely put at the top of your to do list.

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