In an attempt to save time

In an attempt to save time, I successfully gave myself a bang trim, (or actually pretty much recut my bangs since they had become a long shaggy non-bang.) Any former hair stylists of mine might be cringing at these pics, but given my past history of hack jobs, and crazy cowlicks at my hairline, I’m giving myself a pat on the back.

And also wanted to share why I love bangs so much, and a few tips I’ve learned from licensed pros, unlike myself.

Ok, first off why I love bangs.

• I have a massive forehead, and it helps to soften it up.

• I find that they make me look happier, and somewaht like Goldie Hawn, which is always a goal or major perk.

• I also find that a low messy pony, side braid, and top knot look so much better when framed with a little fringe. Alas that’s what’s pictured in this post. (Just secure it in the braid, topknot or pony and pull out sections to frame your bangs that conveniently frame your face.)

• If I’d actually look at the camera (not happening folks) you’d also see they make your eyes look bigger.

Yay bangs. 

Ok now onto the tricks/maintenance tips.

My hair stylist when I lived in The Bay Area, was Christy Dylo, aka the bang guru. I feel like passing along the tips she gave me when she first cut my fringe are key. (And if someone could magically transport her to me so I didn’t have to trim my own bangs, that would be great. Thanks.)

Ok just a few crucial tips:

• You gotta wash them, like every day. Otherwise they suck up your facial oil and moisturizers and look greasy and weighed down. I call that look noodle bangs. So yeah wash those puppies. Especially if you have fine hair, like I do.

• You can even use your face wash and just splash some water on your bangs and clean them while you wash your face.

• When drying them, just brush them  them from side to side with a brush or your fingers.

• If you highlight your hair make sure your colorist knows you are planning on cutting bangs so they can make sure that the hair around your face is brighter and will therefore brighten your bangs and brighten your beautiful mug.

What else…

Oh yeah. Have a professional trim your bangs or cut them.


There you go. Hair is fun. I just love playing with it and sharing the different, although always a little similar looks.

Also, my darker hair color I got before we moved already bleached out. I shall go darker again soon and see how long it lasts this time. I’m guessing it’ll probably be a month.

Maybe I’ll have a professional trim my bangs while I’m there too.

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