I love me a plank hold

I love me a plank hold. Or any type of variation of that beloved move. So I was goofing around on the beach yesterday and ended up doing this little five minute plank/core workout. Levi even jumped on my back for a little bit which added an extra degree of difficulty (and amusement). 

I even snapped a pic after I was done. Because I knew I had to share this little gem. High Five.

So, grab a stopwatch, do the following, and your core will thank me later.

Notes: Keep your bum tight, shoulders relaxed, and don’t let your lower back sag down or arch up…and remember to breathe. Deep breaths are your friend. 

Do the following with as little rest in between moves as possible, working up to a full five minutes with no break.

• 1 minute plank hold – Can be done on your forearms or in a full straight arm plank. I like both.

• 30 seconds slow plank push ups – Elbows in, just like in yoga class.

• 1 minute side plank hold – 30 seconds each side

• 30 seconds slow plank push ups – Yes again. These rock.

• 1 minute knee to elbows – In a plank position, crunch one knee in to touch your elbow, return to your regular plank then do the other side. Repeat. Throw in some touches to your opposite elbow. Go crazy.

• 30 seconds plank with alternating leg lifts – Tighten your bum and lift one leg up about 10 inches, lower, then repeat on other side. 

• 30 seconds up up down down. – Go from forearm plank to straight arm plank one arm at a time….and keep on going up up and down down.

Done. Worked your core and got your heart rate up a little. I call that a rather productive five minutes. 

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