SHARPIE SHELLSSo, I was able to


So, I was able to totally zone out and draw today, on what might be my new favorite medium…shells. 

I have a big jar full of ones I’ve found at the beach, so I just grabbed some of the plain white ones, a dark blue sharpie, and just sketched on them for an hour. ‘Twas quite therapeutic, althouhg I might’ve been crosseyed drawing on all the small ones, but the results were lovely. So I highly suggest trying it out. 

I also think filling a small mason jar full of these would be a sweet gift. Or stringing one on a necklace or anklet chain. So there’s that too. 

I don’t really have any directions other than just work with the natural shapes and grooves of each shell. They have their own unique personality and shapes, so they kind of do the work for you. Dots, lines, dashes, zig zags, waves…you know, stick with the simple stuff. Unless you have a huge one, then go to town (like this lady did. They’re amazing.) Oh yeah, bonus points if you write a fun saying or where you found it on the other side.

Felt good to get a little crafty. 

…and have yet another reason to beach comb whenever possible. I seriously might start wearing a fanny pack when  go on my beach runs. 

Here’s one more. (Since I took a few dozen pics of em. And every time my finger would flinch a small one would fall off, then a few more would fall off, and I’d have to line ‘em all up again.) 


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