Shell Sunnies Chain Roundup

So, I lost one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses to a port o potty. (In Seattle they’re called Honey Buckets which sometimes makes me view honey differently.) Anywho, let’s say next time I help Levi with his business in a port o let, or anytime I go in one for that matter, I will not be wearing any sunglasses on my head. And will have all valuables secured.

After they fell off into the stinky pit, there was that split second when I debated on reaching in for them. Then I realized no amount of bleach could allow them to sit on my face again after what they landed on and were slowly sinking under.

Lesson learned. Time to invest in a sunglass chain/holder, and to take care of my crap, so it doesn’t land in other peoples’ crap.

This whole story leads me to this: There are really really rad sunglass chains out there that are (gasp) made of shells. This event inspired me to cave and finally buy one. And well, it’s turned into one of my favorite new accessories.

After posting the pic above on my Instagram, I received so many messages about where the heck one could find a sunglass chain-like it. Which made me think, hey I should do a little Shell Sunnies strap roundup. Et…voila. Here we are.

Yes, I realize this could also be a sweet DIY, which I would totally be up for doing if I had the tools. So maybe that will happen eventually.

But in the meantime, here’s a little roundup of some shelled beauties. ( Hint: Most of them are over on Etsy.)

1:  Here is the one I bought. (It’s sold out, but if you check out her store she has some other really gorgeous handmade shell pieces. Like, really really gorgeous. The gal’s got skills.)

2: Pebble Roar Jewelry has  a gorgeous all white cowrie one. Roar ladies, roar.

3: They also have one that reminds me of the free shell lei’s you get. But the chain is not free, and the shells look nicer.

4: If just one shell is more your style, here you go. BohoDuck to the rescue.

5: Not shockingly, Free People hopped on the trend and has a nice l’il neon and natural number.

6: This one by Goupi had gold cowries, white cowries, and little white shells. Oh my.

7: If you want something subtle, this one by Pearl and Shine Jewelry has neon pompoms, in addition to some shells and beads.

8:  SPECSET  makes a bunch, and this natural one was my favorite. (They also have a black one which is rad.)

…and last but not least, literally.

9:  There’s  a gorgeous one by Zoi Paris that has a turquoise chain with a few gold and natural cowries. Swoon.

There you go. No more losing sunglasses (Which for me might be impossible. Sorry.) Or, you know, just adding one more boholicious, feel close to the beach wherever you might be kind of accessory to the lineup.

Which, let’s face it, is the main reason I love these suckers.


Pictured above: Cowrie sunglass chain + Hoa Kai x Goldfish Kiss Turkish Towel + Costa May Sunglasses + Puka Perri puka hoops

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