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Couldn’t really figure out what to write or post, but I did put together a stellar playlist. (That I then listened to while putting together this little mood board.) I’d call it a summer playlist, but in all honestly, I listen to this stuff year-round.

Good tunes. Gotta love ’em.

Same with random mood boards.

The playlist is below. Some of these songs have been on HEAVY rotation in the past few months. And some were the cause for family dance parties in our living room. Or for me singing loudly around the house. Hey, it feels good. Give it a shot.

And feel free to follow me over on Spotify: Rebekah Steen – I’m late to the game, but will be adding quite a few more lists there soon. And adding more to this one below.

Fun times.


*None of the pics in the collage above are mine, and they all were found over on Pinterest


Summer/Anytime Playlist:

“Automobile” – Kaleo

“Wildfire” – Mandolin Orange

“San Louis”  – Gregory Alan Isakov

“Sound of the Sea” – Stick Figure

“Them Blues” – Donavon Frankenreiter

“I’m getting ready” – Michael Kiwanuka

“Flow” – Katastro

“All The Pretty Girls” – Kaleo

“Kokaine Karoina” – Elle King

“Hard Luck” – Black Pistol Fire

“Fire on the Horizon” – Stick Figure

“Coming Home” – Leon Bridges

“Dirty Paws” – Of Monsters and Men

“Oceans” – Seafret

“Here and Gone” – Mississippi Twilight

“Like Real People Do” – Hozier

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  • I love your playlists! And I have to say I live for your mood boards, I save them all and use them as backgrounds on my mobile and iPad! I still make moodboards/collages the old fashioned way with magazine cutouts images and really enjoy it. It’s so relaxing and kinda like a little meditation finding images that speak to you and putting them together like a puzzle.

    • So cool to know that! They’re just really fun to make and somewhat therapeutic too. Wish I could make some of the old fashioned way from time to time too! Sounds relaxing…