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Do you ever travel somewhere, and feel more at home there than you do at home? Well, that was the case with this recent trip to Costa Rica. Everything about where we stayed, the dirt roads, the laid back vibe, the air, the beaches, even the monkeys howling before it rained, it all just fit with my soul perfectly. Are we going to pack up and move? Chances are slim beyond slim for that. But as aesthetically pleasing as it all was, it was even more of a postcard for me emotionally.

Was the trip perfect and bump-free? Hell no. That’s not life. Especially when traveling with a 3-year-old and a husband who broke his board on a surf trip.

Did it leave me breathing better, relaxed, and feeling like me? Yup.

Am I wishing we were still there? Aw hell yeah.

So, on that note might as well relive it a bit shall we? We shall.


Where we stayed: We went to Santa Teresa Beach and stayed at an airbnb just north of town, in Playa Hermosa. We wanted to stay somewhere affordable, by the beach, with a kitchen, pool, and had fun surf within walking distance. Check check check check check. It was awesome having a house and pool for the week, and don’t get me started on having someone come and clean each day too. Praise the Lord.

What we did: Our main goal was to surf a ton. Even though all surfing had to be done in shifts since Levi was with us. Other than that it was to relax, soak up the sun, drink lots of good coffee (Ok and beer) beach it, squeeze in some hammock naps/read a book, and help Levi look for monkeys (we saw a few) sloths (no luck) and catch hermit crabs (we lost count after day one)

I had some fun surfs, and some days I got my butt kicked. Its just what happens when you aren’t able to surf regularly then go on a surf trip.

Fun unexpected treat: We stayed just down the road from the Pranamar yoga retreat, which holds classes each day at 10 am. So I cruised over (Ok sprinted over because I lost track of time) and took a class. The shala was outdoors/open-aired under a thatched roof, it was raining and monkeys were howling all over. Someone’s pup even came in and gave me a kiss during Shavasana. You just can’t plan stuff like this.

Food. Yum. We mainly cooked at our beach casa, or ate at sodas (Las Caracoles was amazing, and Soda Tiquicia was our go-to), and I survived off of ceviche with fried plantains, Arroz con Camarones, gigantic $3 smoothies or…pizza. (Because TP 8 was good, really good.)

Levi ate so many Ticoletas we could’ve bought stock in the company. (He tends to not want to eat when he travels. So hey, all-natural frozen fruit bars are a win.)

Gear: I packed light and pretty much wore a bikini (mainly Issa De Mar – the issas know what’s up) or well-ventilated clothing over bikinis the entire time. Or these overalls. Beauty-wise I was as low maintenance and natural as it gets. Which felt good, oh so good.

Ohh Nature: We went during the rainy season, so nothing ever seemed that busy, and it did rain, but nothing major. Except for a few massive storms at night – I checked the doppler radar out of curiosity during one of them, and a big dark purple (Whatever the worst color is on doppler radar) blob of a storm was covering 2/3 of Central America that night. I thought the storms rolling through were both beautiful and impressive.

Shells. So many gloriously hued, intricately patterned, imbued with inspiration shells.

We had bats on our porch, a massive stick bug on the wall one morning, moths the size of napkins, iguanas all over, happy beach pups everywhere, and the beach came alive once the sun went down because the hermit crabs started-a crawlin’. Levi chased butterflies everywhere, climbed trees, played in the tidepools, did a thousand cannonballs, and really reminded me of a little red-headed Mowgli. (And I was Baloo his laid back & happy mama bear.) I just loved watching him. I tell ya, his imagination came alive here, and that made my heart dance. You should’ve seen his face when I took him out to the beach at night to see the stars. Yup. Dozens of mental pictures taken by moi.

Speaking of mental pictures… 

You hear the term “Goals” a lot these days, well, let me tell you mine. This one mom rolled up to the beach on her ATV with her three boys. She was wearing a straw cowboy-ish hat, a bikini, and a coverup. (It might’ve even been a leopard print.) Well, her oldest son was sitting on the very front of the ATV, carrying his surfboard, the middle son was on the back, also carrying his board, and the youngest kiddo was in her lap. This, my friends, was a badass beach surf mama. It’s a mental pic of motherhood I’ll never forget.

There were a lot of mental pictures, and quite a few digital ones as well. Looking through them for this post, I wish I would’ve taken a few more.

So I hope you like the pics.

I could write more, but sometimes it’s hard to adequately describe traveling beyond the basics since it tends to be such a personal experience. It’s almost like you travel somewhere to be met with what you’re needing at that point in life.

So, as I’m feeling like a fish out of water and struggling to adapt to living in a big city again, and all that goes along with it (that’s a whole other post coming soon)… Escaping for a bit to a small town at the tip of a peninsula in Costa Rica, did the mind, body and soul good. Lots of Good.

I feel like I’m constantly craving peace and quiet, wanting to be surrounded by nature and all it has to offer to make us better humans (and raise ones too), that thick juicy tropical air, lots of stars, not a lot of people, a slower pace of life…and of course, fun waves.

And this trip helped with all of that.

Did the trip cost a little more than we wanted to spend? Yup. Was it worth every cent? You bet. But whoever wrote, Travel is the one thing that you spend money on that makes you richer sure was right. And might’ve spent some time on a quiet beach in Costa Rica, with a cold Pilser in hand after a surf, watching their kiddo chase hermit crabs on the beach, and listening to nothing but whatever nature had on its playlist at that moment.

Twas a good trip.

More pics over on my instagram @goldfish_kiss – I’m cutting myself off at eleven on this one.

More travel posts aqui.

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