Simple Summer To Do’s

Ok, I’ve done a few summer to do lists on here, and have maybe checked off one or two items on it. The culprit? Having expectations that it’s the most amazing time of year and I need to cram in as much in it as possible. Well, the truth is that yes, summer is awesome, but super high expectations for it..or anything, really, just sets us all up for failure.

So I figured I’d embrace my simple is better, leave the expectations at home mindset (that I’m totally digging) and do a simplified version this year.

Because, when it comes down to it, it’s all about the simple, salty, sweet and sweaty simplicities of summer. (Say that five times fast.)

Here we go…

• Pare down the beauty routine – I mean you can pretty much just use coconut oil for everything, right? If you need a gallon of it, here you go

• Watch the sunset on the beach as much as possible – This is hard with a toddler who spontaneously combusts at 7:30, but I’ll try.

• Make smoothies, iced tea, iced coffee, and homemade lemonade.  – Remember to freeze leftovers into popsicles. 

• Wear aloha print like it’s your uniform. – I did a personal study, and wearing aloha print makes you a happier person. Even when it’s 90 degrees with 75% humidity

• Go on some sort of road trip. – Even if it’s only an hour away.

• Chase fireflies – If you have them.

• Eat watermelon. – Then eat some more. Then eat some more. Then yes, eat some more. And some more. 

• Actually read a book – Or two. (I’m currently reading The Night the Lights Went Out by Karen White…it’s sooo good.)

• Try to camp, sleep outside, swing in a hammock for a while, or do something at night under the starts. – No matter how much bug repellant it takes.

• Turn off all screens and just listen to some reggae/island/summer jams. – Bonus points if you can grab an instrument and play a song too. (I’m trying to teach myself how to play the ukulele. It’s a fun struggle.)

• Grill, grill, then grill some more. – Plus, it gives you an excuse for more beers and Margs.

• Get on a boat at some point – Would love to be able to bring my pup too. 

• Paint, sketch, write or journal at the beach – or lake, river, park …if beach isn’t close. Zoning out and drawing on shells could work too. 

• Enjoy not doing your hair and just throwing on a big ass sun hat. – I like this gal’s hats. Big time. 

• Open the garage, front door, or a window and watch the rain. – I used to go out and swing on my parent’s front porch swing in the summer. Sometimes with a book, sometimes with just my thoughts. Loved those afternoons.

• Take some pictures using my little Polaroid cam, or some 35mm film. – Actually, I need to just do that a lot more in general.

Then finally, speaking of pics…

• Put the phone away – Make some memories that are just yours.

Ok this simple stuff is inspiring, I could go on and on and on…but then the to do list would be massive, unachievable, and counterproductive.

Cheers to the next few months, soaking it up, keeping it simple, slowin down, and being as present as possible. 

And hopefully doing stuff like this, and having that mindset throughout the rest of the year too. 

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