Found myself in a bit of

Found myself in a bit of a rut, which meant… mood board to the rescue. Gosh, I love making these things. 

Ohhhhhhh yeah. Feeling much better now, because these little beauties make my brain and eyes do the cha cha. 

*How I made this mood board: Bring lots of images into photoshop and cut, resize, and arrange them into a digital collage. Takes a while, but It’s fun. 

**How you can easily make one: cut out or print out a bunch of pics, quotes and patterns that inspire you, then make a big collage on some paper, a cork board, or a wall. Keep a folder that you gradually fill up, then make the collage when you’re in the mood. Fun times. 

None of the photos in the mood boards are mine (I found them all over on my pinterest) Sending a triple espresso to each and every person who created each image. You’re brilliant, and inspiring, and I hope you know it.  

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