Home Is Where The Sweat Is

I’m thankful for a lot of things. But my home gym has a special place in my sweat loving heart. Before you roll your eyes and think, “yeah I’d love a home gym too, wouldn’t we all.” Mine is basically this: a yoga mat, a few kettlebells, a TRX, a set of powerblocks, a pull up bar (that’s in a doorway in our kitchen), a few resistance bands, and a bench (that stays in our garage). And my workouts are done either in the garage, out on our patio, or in our living room.

It’s not glamorous, it will never be pin worthy, and it’s been a gradual investment in equipment. However, this ability to workout at home (at the level I’m used to at the gym) has made me healthier, stronger, and saved my sanity.

Important note: I work out every day. I pretty much have to. Nothing crazy, just around 20 minutes. It wakes me up, helps me focus, lifts my mood, and I don’t think 20 minutes is asking a lot. A few days out of the week I’ll drive to the YMCA so Levi can have his kiddo time, and those are more like 40-50 minute workouts. But the rest, it’s squeeze in the short and sweet sweat sesh as efficiently as possible. And having just the right equipment at home makes this not only do-able but part of my day.

So consider this my little PSA to encourage you to have some sort of home gym.

And here’s a few reasons why.

1: Quick and efficient workouts – No driving to and from, waiting for equipment, parking, traffic, etc. Just change clothes (unless you’re like me and wear nothing but workout gear before 3pm) grab your gear, set down your mat, and go. Plus the flexibility is priceless. Stuff comes up, schedule changes, can’t make it to the gym. Boom. You lost that excuse to not workout. Cha ching!

2: The easier and more accessible you make working out, the more likely you are to make it part of your daily life. I workout/move/break a sweat for 20 minutes every day. Nothing crazy, and having a home gym is a huge part of this.

3: You can try new things, fall and look like a goofball – I basically watched a lot of this guy’s kettlebell videos, then started trying the moves at home. Fast forward ten months later, I’m doing more kettlebell work than ever. And LOVE how I feel. Same goes for yoga and trying new poses. Sometime we make our biggest gains, (or at least I do) fitness-wise when no one is watching. Except for my husband, but he just laughs. And Levi mimics me, which is hilarious. And our pup, Kili, will just sit on my mat and make me have to move.

4: It’s empowering. – You basically rely on nothing more than your will power and creativity to get a good workout in. You get to come up with new workouts, get innovative with what you’ve got, and become your own inspiration. Last week I skipped the YMCA with Levi in lieu of sneaking into a hotel for some pool time by the beach, and ended up having one of the best workouts I’ve had In a while…all on our patio using a TRX and my kettle bells. I was talking to my husband about it and found myself saying, “This might sound weird but I feel super empowered knowing I can get that kind of workout in at home now.”


Those four are what come to mind right away.

Maybe it’ll make you look at having home gym in a little different light. Or really want to start one. If so, here’s my home gym basic recommendations:

A yoga mat – this isn’t necessarily for doing yoga, but it defines where my gym is for the day. Which mentally helps me focus and get to work. I was gifted this tropical number, that I’m rather frond of, and kind of love having my home gym have a tropical vibe as a result. Wherever it might be.

A TRX – It’s unbelievable what you can do and achieve using one of these. I just have to door attachment and put it in the door,.

• Some type of weights – Grab a kettlebell or two, a few resistance bands, or I highly recommend some powerblocks. No need to grab them all, just one to start. Bands are your most cost effective.

A pull up bar – This is just because pull ups are a non negotiable for me. I love doing them. I’m weird. We’ve had this one in our kitchen doorway in our numerous rentals for the past two and half years.

And last but not least..

• You. You got to figure out how to push yourself and train at home. Check out youtube, follow people who post great workouts/workout videos, grab a DVD, buy a health magazine, subscribe to a training app, workout with a trainer a few times to get you on the right rack…the resources are there, you just gotta take the initiative to sweat.

Then sweat some more.

Then you get kind of addicted…in a good way

And feel amazing as a result.

Yay home gyms, and taking care of your amazing, capable of soooooo much, bodies. 

Thanks Spiritual Gangster for the leggings, Everything else pictured is linked above. 

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