Tiptoe by tons of Tulips

Something I love about social media is whenever you say you’re going somewhere, whether it’s traveling, moving, or just a quick weekend trip, someone, somewhere will have some recommendations of things to do or see. Or eat. Exhibit A: When we said we were moving to Seattle, someone told me to definitely check out the tulip festival if we got up there by April. WHAT!? I thought stuff like that happened only in the Netherlands.

Nope. One of the largest Tulip festivals (not quite as large as the Netherlands, but still pretty darn impressive) happens to be here. Queue my happy dance.

It’s a little over an hour north of Seattle (In Skagit Valley – The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival to be exact), and it’s supposed to be rather lovely. So we went a few days ago. It was like looking at a living vivid color wheel. If the color wheel was orange, red, yellow and purple and came in rows. Ok, the leaves were green so we were pretty close. My mom even flew into town for it (her love for flowers puts mine to shame. Same with her green thumb). Heck, even Levi was excited (He cruised around on his Strider bike, otherwise we would’ve been lucky to walk down one row. Since he tends to walk at the speed of smell. And he likes to stop and smell the flowers. Every. Single. One. We bribed him with some ice cream too. Colossal scoops at Snow Goose worked like a charm. The waffle cones were ridiculous.)

Since dealing with crowds of people makes my palms sweat, especially when I’m wanting a fresh air nature fix, we opted to drive further down the road from the main hub to a different farm, scored a (legal) parking spot on the side of the road, and it was a good call. Waaaaay fewer people, still lots of flowers.

So here are a few pics. The Funny thing is the tulips were so bright (even on a gray day) that my camera couldn’t seem to handle some of the colors. I think that was a first. Or I’m just getting rusty in the photography department. Which could be a valid excuse too.

It was a good time, and it just felt good to get out and about.

So, as someone recently suggested to me, if you find yourself in the Seattle area in April, and want a hefty dose of color, go tiptoe through some tulips up in Skagit Valley.

If anyone ever hears of a hibiscus festival, please let me know. Same goes for plumeria, tuberose, or gardenia…

And in general, keep those social media recommendations going. You never know how your tip might brighten someone’s day. In my case it sure did. Very, very literally.


Thanks Mother (not my mom, the jeans band) for the Raincoat + Jeans // Clhei Belt // Lack of Colour hat // And hand me down sweatshirt from my mom. 


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