Happy Groovy Toes

Well, my feet might not be that sandy anymore, but they’re still pretty darn happy. In fact, these suckers might be my favorite ones yet. (Yeah, I might say that each time I paint my toes though.) It’s the little smiley face toes. Gotta love how they look like stickers. So if anyone wants to attempt a give their piggies a mood lift, here’s an attempt at *instructions.

*I paint my toes hunched over in an awkward position ( Usually late at night with crappy lighting), so I have yet to figure out how to do a tutorial video. One day though, one day…

Here we go. Time to paint some happy groovy toes, dude.

Tools: A dotting tool (small and large sizes) and a nail art brush (I use a kit similar to this) Polish = Baby Pink, neon orange, blue, light blue, white, bright red, and green. I mainly use Zoya and Julep polishes, and a few Essie’s. Opaque is key.

• For the smiley face dots: Paint a few large polka dots in different colors. Let the polish dry then go in with super fine tipped black pen/sharpie and draw tiny smiley faces in each dot.

• For the rainbow squiggly toe: Paint the toe a pretty pale pink, then go in with a nail art brush and paint a blue, green, orange and red wobbly rainbow line dealio. Austin Powers would be proud of these. (Here’s a pro version on some hands)

• For the Cherry Blossoms: Paint the toe blue, then paint a few little brown lines for the branches. The blossoms are just five dots in a circle, with pink dots in the middle. Then do a few other single/lone soldier/late bloomer dots along the brown branch lines as well. ( Here’s a tutorial – on some hands.)

• For the star toe: Paint toes a bright red, then go in with a pale pink and paint a star off to one side. Then paint a little bit of another star poking off the other side.

• For the blue palm toe: Just paint the toe a bright blue, and go in and paint a tiny dark blue palm frond peeking off each side of the nail. Or you can just leave this nail blue. Which I did, and painted a palm at the last minute.

• Let the polish dry then seal with a glossy topcoat.


Go run barefoot on the beach for me (after the polish dries or else your toes will just look like sand glob magnets), Watch Austin Powers or Dazed and Confused, or just something from the 70’s. Or just admire your toes in yoga class (which I did tonight.)

More Nail Art aqui. Yes, this might be considered an odd hobby, but I like it, and it saves me some money. Although I probably could use a pedicure…

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