Blooms where I’m planted

“God winks.” Someone commented the other day with that term, and I immediately took a mental note to never forget it. It pretty much sums up this kind of stuff oh so perfectly: Cherry blossoms when walking our pup, opening the back door to our rental to see a gigantic Camellia bush dripping in blooms (Apparently I can make my own tea from their leaves. Whoa.) People sending me links to baby carriers for kids over 50 lbs (So I can now go on hikes with Levi. THANK YOU and HALLELUJAH!), learning about a massive Tulip festival here (Going in a few days), seeing pictures of Nearby islands on the sound that are total jaw-droppers…or a tree in our backyard that randomly started blooming yesterday, and provided a perfect backdrop for a good hair day. (The conclusion is it’s apple blossoms or pear blossoms.)

Yup, God knows what’s been going on in my mind and spirit, and likes to wink sometimes. You know, send little reminders at juuuust the right time to embrace whatever season it is you’re in.

And to bloom where you’re planted.

Preferably into a wildflower.

(Really hoping he’ll wink again this weekend in the form of some good waves too. It’s a 2-hour drive to the nearest surf spot, and man oh man am I’m sooooo overdue.)

Pictured above:  View from our dog walk // New Favorite Sweater (and photo backdrop when I’m at home)// Moody Camelias after the rain // Distressed sweats. ( Scored on ebay

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