The Latest From My Messy Desk

Art. It’s quite therapeutic. Sorry if I’m repetitive when I say that, but there’ just something about sitting down at my desk, (or any table really) and putting paint to paper. Even if my desk is surrounded by moving boxes. Carving out some time to create, whether it’s journaling/writing, sketching, painting, some sort of craft, or even baking (which I continually fail at, but still attempt), it’s all oh so necessary. In fact, the more hectic things get, the more I crave it. It’s like one thing you can control in life is how much you create.

So, without any more deep thoughts stirred up while painting in my pj’s late at night, here are the latest crazy colorful messes from my desk: A nice view, a crazy mouth, and a lovely bouquet. Oh my.

And a close up, because it’s fun to show off the gold.

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