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Sometimes, when you’re just trying to figure out what the heck to do…some juicy, mind igniting, or soul-soothing images are exactly what you need. New ideas, new perspectives, just something new to look at, really. Yay Pinterest. Also just have to give Pinterest some love. It seems like the only social media platform that I leave feeling like I’m capable of baking sourdough from scratch, building furniture, writing a book, dressing like sienna miller (and maybe have her hairstyle) and gives me the motivation to save up frequent flier miles to travel the globe.

Yep. I’ll say it once again, Yay Pinterest.

Picture deets (top to bottom):


• I’m a big fan of this gal’s bike. Big fan. Would be cool to have this in a backyard instead of a planter… hmmm.

• Here’s a great to d0 list.

• A Messy updo that makes my low maintenance hair loving heart go lub dub.

• Dreamy golden hued ride. Man, I’m surf starved.

• I foresee myself wearing outfits like this now in Seattle. But maybe with rainboots.

• A l’il graphic I adore from one of my favorite Tumblrs I go to for endless retro inspiration.

• Elle MacPherson and her boys. Swoon.

• Could look at Sonal Nathwani’s sketchbooks all day, or wait they really make me want to go paint too.

• Yes to this. And a big hug to whoever wrote it.

• Camels on the beach. And lots of other dreamy jaw-dropping drone shots selected by National Geographic.

…there’s so many this time, I’m thinking I should’ve just done a mood board. See, already feeling somewhat inspired.

*None of the above pictures are mine, they were all found over on my pinterest. I’d love to sit down and have a cup of coffee  ( or a beer) with whoever created each and every one though.

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