Many Problems Solved. Sunglasses. They protect

Many Problems Solved.

Sunglasses. They protect your eyes, help you to not get (as many) wrinkles from squinting, make you look cool, are a great headband, and now…they also help give someone clean water, for life. That is, if you are referring to the über cool and innovative new line of sunnies and gear, Solve.

Here is Solve’s mission statement, because if I try to write it in my own words, I will probably make it pretty confusing: 

With every pair you purchase, SOLVE will give someone in need clean water for life. We are partnered locally with Water Missions International, an organization dedicated to transforming lives through sustainable safe water solutions. Money is taken from every pair of sunglasses we sell and put directly into our clean water fund. This clean water fund is what ensures that we will supply water systems built at the Water Missions warehouse and keeps our “one pair, one life” model of giving alive. Water Missions has made it possible for us to be involved in funding, building, and installing the systems where they are needed most. 

So, I’d say If you are on the hunt for some new sunnies, why not give someone some clean water for life while you’re at it.

Pick up a pair, find out more, and just get a big ‘ol warm fuzzy for doing some good, at 

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