5 tips to get out of a workout rut.


Workout ruts. They happen. I am just getting off about month and a half long one. It’s not a good feeling, but you know what, it’s nearly impossible to be 100% on your game at all time. So, if you were like I was, and couldn’t muster up the motivation to set foot in a gym or stick to your workout schedule, here are a few tips that help. 

1: Try something new. There are so many different types of workouts, it’s quite entertaining actually. Try out Zumba, barre method, pilates…Switch from hot yoga to a different style, or vice versa.  Join a tennis league, or learn a new sport. Are you always on the elliptical? Please, get off of that darn thing. Do something, anything, other than your usual go to’s. Variation is the spice of life. Especially in the workout department.

2: Take your workouts outside: Buy a TRX or some resistance bands, then say adios to AC, and say hello to some good ol’ fresh air. Working out outside does wonders for your mood, motivation, and creativity. It’s amazing the workout you can come up with just a park bench or playground. 

3: Vary your movements: Do you always use machines? Switch to Dumbells. Do you always use two arm and two leg movements, switch it up to single arm/single leg moves. Try out some kettle bells, resistance bands, or something new. There are so many ways to do a squat or bench press, it’s crazy. 

4: Buy some new workout gear. This doesn’t always work, in the case of Lululemon, if I buy some of their gear, the LAST thing I want to do in it is workout. I just want to curl up in a blanket and read a book in my wonder unders. But you know what, a new pair of shoes, a sporty bikini to swim in, or heck even some new headphones, can help motivate. Us humans are weird like that.

5: Try a new gym. I once went 3 months without buying a gym membership, and all I did was try out a bunch of different gyms, and use their free 1-2 week trials. I was also unemployed and totally broke, so this came in quite handy. If your gym has pink and purple walls and is playing Yanni on the main speaker, I suggest you go find a new place. Or, investigate in making a home gym. A TRX, some dumbbells, a pull up bar, and a stability ball are all you need for a good start. Plus, you can workout in whatever the heck you want.

There you go. Hopefully one of these helps you out if you are on the struggle bus.

Cheers to getting back on track, and giving those ruts the boot.

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