Here’s the latest from my desk

Here’s the latest from my desk. This one’s called Some Wave Under The Rainbow. High five for puns. Might need to make that title into a tee shirt too. 

Anyways, story behind the painting time: For some reason or another, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t bring myself to paint over the past few weeks. Not cool. Whenever I had the chance it was midnight or later, and just couldn’t get the juices firing or figure out what to paint. My art teachers all would say “That’s a perfect time to sketch.” Which I really should’ve done. Taking a mental note to remember that  next time.

Then I stumbled on this pic of John John Florence the other day, and it was like the hallelujah chorus started playing in my mind. Rainbow, Wave, itty bitty surfer. Man that would be a really cool scenic surrounded by some plumeria and hibiscus. So I gave it a shot, and I think this might be my favorite scenic yet. I say that whenever I finish one though.  

Moral of the story: Sometimes it’s good to not force things and just wait for the right time and inspiration to come smack you in the head. And when in doubt, just paint a really good looking wave. 

Prints available here (I hate doing sales and talking about them in general, but I also think giving art as a gift is a great idea. So, take 20% off any order at with code GIFTSOMEART through December 2nd.)

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