Views From The Pier

When it comes to the water, I’ve been spoiled rotten these past few weeks. The clarity, color and just different moods of the ocean have spoken my love language…in so many ways. 

Also, we have a somewhat little new tradition going on. We go to the Navarre pier every Sunday after church, grab a donut and a cup of coffee in the pier shop (They bring the donuts in from the Milton bakery. They are superb.) then we go walk the pier as a fam. I love it. 

So, given this new tradition, and the water gorgeousness, I was able to snap a bunch of wanna be drone shots from the pier these past few weeks. and these are my favorites. 

Man oh man, I just love capturing moments like these, and from this perspective.

…especially while enjoying my once a week donut.

Navarre Beach Fishing Pier // Pics above were taken on my iphone. Will try and bring my real camera next time.

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