Sporty L’il Crochet Number


It felt good to be in a bikini again. Ok, it felt FREAKING FANTASTIC. Although I might not be wearing my beloved little mini pieces of clothing that much anymore, it feels like I put on my favorite jeans and tee when I slip one on. Even though it’s considerably less clothing. 

So about this suit…

It’s a sporty little crochet number by Posh Pua, (Little know fact: I designed their new logo. So fun.) …and is from a shop called Shop Beached (A cool little online shop based in Santa Cruz). The owner, Elise, is a gem. If I’m ever back in SC, I’m taking her to Verve Coffee, and we’re having a beach/surf day. Sunset included.

But the suit doesn’t budge, and is the right combo of sexaay and sporty. Which, is a rather stellar combo to sun your buns, chase around a toddler, and awkwardly take autotimer pics of yourself while people wonder what the heck you are doing.

Yay bikinis, Oh how I’ve missed writing about you. 

The awkward autotimer pics, not so much. 

Suit from // Jewelry from Kate Davis // Permagrin from Kauai

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