One thing that I 127% believe

One thing that I 127% believe in, is that getting up and moving your body is the best way to wake up and feel better. Some days I have about five espresso shots only to realize that getting up and doing five burpies does a much better job at waking me up. And is better for my health. Same for mood. Days when it’s hard to get out of bed, oh man those are days when I MUST move.

So what I like to do, or have been doing lately, is what I call boosts. They are quick, 5 minute “workouts” that activate your body, get the blood flowing, and endorphins high giving each other. Think of it as a quintuple espresso shot for your mind, body or mood. 

They are also great for traveling when you are all out of whack and just need to work your body for a little before downing some beers and Tostitos hint of lime chips in a hot tub. (Yup. This was me last week).

I listed three versions in the pic above. Basically get creative and just, you know, move. 

Next time you feel like grabbing for an XXXXL Red bull, or Trenta coffee at Starbucks, can’t focus, or need a mood boost, try one out. They work wonders, and you can save all that money to buy bikinis, beach gear. 

So, here’s the little workout boost nuggets. Do one. Do them all. Just be ready to feel much more awake than before you started. 

Boost #1

50 jumping jacks

10 burps

1 minute mountain climbers

25 alt jumping lunges

25 bicycles

25 push ups

Boost #2 

2 min plank hold

50 squat jumps

50 pushups

Boost #3

1 minute speed skaters

50 squat jumps

10 push ups

25 side plank hip lifts (each side)

50 flute bridges

10 full sit ups

Cheers to our crazy cool bodies that want to be used, and just feel better when we do. 

Even for a quick five minutes.

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