I’ve said it before, and I’ll

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Unexpected blessings are the habanero of life. The other day I was in a bit of a debbie downer mood and it was super calm and foggy out. So, I figured I’d bundle up and take my standup out on Lake Washington before sunset. Well, while I was paddling out, a photographer named Bill Pusztai happened to be on shore. He yelled to ask if it was ok if he took some pics of me paddling out into the fog. I (of course) yelled back yes, while spelling out my email address so he could send me some pics…

And voila…it turns out Bill has some serious skills. These are definitely print out and frame worthy. The paddle happened to be rather amazing too. I was the only person on the lake, it was glassy, and when the fog lifted, the colors were spectacular. I even laid down to soak it all in.

The only thing I forgot were some booties.

Thanks so much for the pics Bill.

…and thank you God for the blessings that come at just the right time.

Photos © Bill Pusztai 2013

Wetsuit and Jacket by Roxy.

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