Stay put cuties.


A decade ago you’d be lucky to scrounge up five stay put, comfy bikini tops that were also cute and fashionable. I take that back, you’d be lucky to find one. Well, I checked my database (aka my short term memory of tops I’ve tried or heard great things about) and compiled a list of different styles, across all price ranges, that all have a few things in common: they stay put, are functional, and are pretty stinkin’ cute.

Here we go. Top to bottom, left to right.

1: L*Space Wild Child top – This was the crowd favorite in the Maldives. Their Strap back top is also one of my all time favorites. 

2: O’Neill 356 – activewear collection. Any top will rock your world.

3: Dkoko – All under $60, and all are so caliente. 

4: Kovey – So Cal Surf gal Kimzie, knows how to design some So Cal Surf kinis.

5: Issa De Mar – Hina and Poema Tops. The hina might be one of my favorite tops ever, and the poema is named after a gal who totally rips in Tahiti. It’s a win win. 

6: Kore Vesta Top – Sporty sideboob. Yes please.

7: Ola Feroz – Chica or Rica…both are fantistica. (And I wear as sports bras too.)

8: Acacia Biarritz top –  AKA, one of the prettiest, softest “sporty” tops evahhhh.

9: Jolyn – Anyone who has ever emailed me asking for a cute, AFFORDABLE, cool suit…here you go.  

10: Mikoh Barbados top. – I simply adore the cut of this. For so many reasons. Ok, and this assortment of pics wouldn’t be complete without Hanalei Reponty in it. 

11: KoKoh Congo top – Super soft, sporty, but simple…and it has a watercolor fish scale print. Swoon.

12: Calavera – Anything by Calavera will not budge. Anything.

13: The Seea – Everything they make is amazing. Everything. 

14: Mi Ola – The pin up top is one of my favorite simple tops. Mi Gusta.

15: Sensi – Sensi is a stylin’ kiteboarder, and personally tests all her designs. Therefore they are sweet. 

16: Roxy Outdoor Fitness – Their swim tops are amazing. And I like to imagine I look like Rosie Hodge when I wear one. 

17: With Love From Paradise – Any women with larger boobs, looking for a cool and comfy top. Welp, here you go. 

18: Made by Dawn – Pick a top, any top. They are all perfection.

There you go. That’s a bunch. And I am sure I missed a few. So if you have any to add, let us all know in the comments below.

Cheers to looking great, even while doing a cannon ball or duck dive. 

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