Four stay put bikinis. That are also pretty stylin.

We had a rather fun south swell to start off summer, which allowed me to REALLY, and I mean, really, put a few “stay put ” bikinis to the test. The following four bikinis by CalaveraMi OlaSensi, and Roxy Outdoor Fitness all passed the duck dive, wipeout, hold down, and whatever might happen in the lineup test…with flying colors. And also got some style points along the way. 

Here’s why.

1: Calavera. Siren top & bottom

Designer Ann Jendrusen really is quite the ‘kini innovator.

Stay Put points: The cross back, lace top with double ties at the chest doesn’t budge an inch. The internal drawstring on the front of the bottoms makes them virtually duck dive proof, without giving you a muffin top. 

Style Points: In spite of not budging, this bikini is super comfy, has great fabric, and the top has a fun underwire illusion look I haven’t seen in a sporty top. Add on some perfect cheeky bottoms, and I’m a huge fan.

2: Mi Ola. Pin up top & Striped Boyshort.

This new line out of Costa Rica has some serious gems. 

Stay put points: The Pin Up top has adjustable cross back straps, but no ties. Put it on, get things situated. It’s not moving. The striped boyshort bottoms have a drawstring on the side, which helps keep things in place.

Style Points: The top has skinny straps and is so comfy & supportive I’ve also been wearing it as a bra (that you also don’t mind people seeing under tanks, etc.) Then, the bright retro striped boy shorts are soooo stinking cute & super flattering on zee bootay. 

3: Sensi. Sicily Top & Lynelle Bottom 

If you are a Kite boarder (like Sensi Graves)… you go fast. You fall. You make suits that stay put.

Stay put points:  No ties and a thick band under the bustline of the Sicily top make this top the most supportive of the bunch. But it never digs in your shoulders…or moves…and can also double as a sports bra. I’m fascinated. 

Style Points: This is a super flattering top, and I loooove the strappy back detail. Also a fan of the simply cut bottoms with little cut outs on the sides. And the print rocks. Mega bonus points: Whenever I wear this top, my husband says…ooooh I like that one. Gracias Sensi.

4: Roxy Outdoor Fitness. Wave ready top & Bottom

Two enthusiastic thumbs up for this little neoprene number. 

Stay Put Points: It’s…a neoprene bikini. This beauty is made to stick to your bod. There are no ties, but it stays put.  I’ve never worn a neoprene bikini before, and it was quite amazing.

Style Points:  A virtually seamless construction leaves you no muffin top or bulges, plus something about it is super slimming and…uplifting. Also the only other neoprene bikini I can find cost around $500, so this is quite a deal. Plus if it’s chilly, your chest and buns will be warm. High five.

So if anyone is on the lookout for a seriously cute yet functional bikini to play arond in, there you go. 

Suits available aqui:  //  //  // ( if sold out, it’s here too)

This is also a guest blog post over at GrindTV. Gimme a fist pump.

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