A Dozen Stylin Stay Put Bikinis.


It’s crazy. I used to have to scour racks and the internet for a stay put bikini that also was stylin’. But lately, there are so many gorgeous specimens out there, I really am about to go crosseyed after investigating for the pst hour or so. 

So, you know, I case any one just miiiight be on the hunt for a cool bikini this summer. Here’s a dozen of the many that are out there. That should stay put, and will win a few rounds of free margaritas in the style department fiesta too. 

Vamos. A la Playa. 

Notes on a bikinis stay put-ness: The more it resembles some sort of sportsbra, the more it will stay put. Hopefully that wasn’t too much of a shocker. The more fixed and secured to fabric the parts that cover your boobs are, the more it will stay put. Sorry, this means a regular triangle top is not your best bet here, folks. In the bottoms, a double/loop tie or laced side is your best bet, so you can tighten or loosen it. Reinforced elastic sides are a gem too. Or, for some reason boyshort bottoms stay on really well too (for me at least). The single, traditional string bikini side ties bottoms, are not your best bet if you plan on doing anything other than sitting and slowly walking without any sudden movements.

Ok, the suits. Top to bottom left to right:

1: Ola Feroz Carupano Bikini Set – It stays put, has adjustable ties on the bottoms and top, is triple lined, makes your boobs look amazing, and I once wore it surfing without tying the back, and it stayed on. So it’s mombrain proof too. 

2: Mikoh Lanikai top Tamarindo bottom – I must have one high neck top in the bunch. It help in the mission to save the sun drenched décolleté. And man oh man is this set purdy. 

3: Issa De mar – Poema Top…and whatever bottom you want. The Poema top is one of my all time favorite tops. Period. Why? Well the Issas rip. And know how to make a grrreat suit. 

4: Beach Riot – Peyton Bikini Top And Olivia Bottom – Mainly because this looks like one of those suits you could live in for a week straight.

5: Tavik Jessie top and Vine Bottom – This might be one of the more popular combos. It can double as a bra, has cool cutouts, no ties, and all the cool gals are wearing it. So it’s extra cool. Like, big time cool.  

6: PilyQ Omni Reversible Halter + Bottom  – It’s neon orange, reverses to gold, is scalloped on the edges. This suit is my spirit animal.. 

7: Roxy dry wind halter and bottoms –  I would be such a hypocrite if I didn’t have a tropical print surf-friendly suit on this list. Bonus points for bright fun colors, reasonable price, and braided straps too. 

8: Billabong Surf Capsule gear – Ok it’s technically not a bikini, It’s a cropped rashguard and high waist shorts. Which…just look lik… radness to the maximus. 

9: Indie + Wild  Sanibel top and Guadeloupe bottom – My beloved shell babes, Rosanna and Zoe, are at it again, and this suit is part boho, part sleek, and just a whole lot of cool part covering all your lady parts. Sporty and shells. Hallelujah.

10: Acacia X Olympia Honu + Hamptons  – Aka one of the more brilliant collaborations. Ever. Really though, it looks like a match made in sporty bikini heaven.

11: L*Space Gabi Top + Twilight Bottom – These crochet boyshort bottoms are in my top 3 favorite bottoms of all time. Which says a lot. Cute top too, But really, those bottoms. Monica, I salute you.

And finally…

12: Rip Curl X Goldfish Kiss Tribal Kiss Bralette and hipster. Sorry to end this with some shameless self promotion. But FYI, each of those tiny triangles was painted with love by yours truely. 

There you go. 

There’s a bunch more out there, but my mind and willpower might explode if I look at all the gorgeousness out there anymore tonight. 

Swimwear designers. I salute you. And wish I could buy you all a margarita to say thanks. 

Have fun. Do some cannon balls. Yay bikinis. 

And, as always, if you have any other suits/brands/thoughts to add to the list, love hearing them in the comments below. 

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