Happy tropical toes.

In anticipation of heading back to Kauai manaña, I did what most people do – I painted my toes to match this tropical print top that needs to make its permanent residence in my closet. Ok, I’m weird.

Anyways, tropical, floral, bright funky toes make me, and my feet happy. Especially when they will be back in some white sand and salty water soon.

Here’s my attempt at instructions, should you wish to partake in this easy nail art, that I wish smelled as good as it looked. 

• Paint toes a dark opaque color. I used charcoal grey.

• Grab a nail art brush and some off white polish, and paint some ambiguously tropical flowers. Let’s just sat they are stargazer lilies. To do this, just do five long uneven triangles that meet in the middle on their widest side. Do a few of these, in no particular pattern, on your big toe. Then one or a half of one on each of the small toes. 

• Now, do the same ambiguous tropical flower, in an peach-ish color on your toes. Feel free to overlap on the white flowers.

• Put a white dot in the middle of all the peach-ish flowers, and yellow or peach dot in the middle of all the white flowers. 

• Now, the leaves: Grab some bright blue and turquoise polish and paint some little, long, yet slightly curved lines coming out of all those flowers you just painted. 

• Let it dry then seal the deal with a glossy topcoat.

No worries if it doesn’t look perfect. Have fun. Embrace the mess. Don’t wear close toed shoes. And get those pretty toes to the beach, in the water, or just in some sun. 

Click your heels for happy tropical feet.

…and now I am off to pack.

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