Garage Style

Finge jacket, color block sweater, flare jeans, a beanie, and some old boots. Boom. I love this combo and wish there was a better backdrop than just my garage, or I could do some saucy street style pic, but I had five minutes of quasi dry conditions and something that resembles sunshine. So this shall do.

Fun fact: The coat, sweater, and boots I found gently used on eBay or TheRealReal – they’re my favorite places to shop, mainly because it feels good to just find something rad and unique that someone’s worn a few times and save a lot of dough. I like the treasure hunt aspect of it all too.  Wins across the board.

I definitely recommend hunting down a fringe jacket. It kinda makes you want to dance around a little more, which is always a good thing.

Ok that was fun. The rain started back up again and it’s back to Goretex and leggings.

…and looking at old beach pics.

Coat = Jakett NYC (Found at TheRealReal)

Sweater = Stoned Immaculate (Searched for over a year and Found it on eBay)

Jeans = Mother

Earrings = La Petite idylle  (Inspired by my paintings. So cool)

Boots = Isabel Marant (Found on ebay)

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