A dozen easy day brighteners

Well, it’s that time of year where the sun rises at 7:45 and sets at 4:13…and it’s gray, cold, and usually raining too. Sometimes it snows…but that’s actually rather fun. Anyways, this is as much a list of reminders to myself of ways to get out of the winter solstice is impending funk.

Not on the list: Looking at pictures of people living in tropical places because that tends to make it worse.

You just gotta get up, get out, get creating, dreaming, or moving each day. Even when they days kind of feel like nonstop soupy twilight. There’s still beauty to be felt or found. (Ex: the fog and misty rain combo makes me feel like I’m living in some sort of romantic historical fiction novel in Ireland or something)

Anywho, here are a dozen day-brighteners. Hope this helps or gets your mind rolling to sunnier thoughts and places.

Hang in there, and yay twinkle lights and coconut coffee. I’ll never get sick of either of those.


A dozen ways to brighten up a grey day:

1: Go for a walk or a run outside anyway

2: Paint/create something colorful

3: Play your favorite beach playlist

4: Hang up lots of twinkle lights…anywhere

5: Wear a bikini under all of those layers

6: Put some form of coconut in your coffee or tea

7: Make some salt spray and do some Beach waves

8: Play with your dog (They get grey day blues too)

9: Watch the movie The Beach…up until it gets weird.

10: Print out lots of sunny pics and make a collage wall

11: Buy some flowers and remember to put one in your hair

12: Spray your favorite tropical fragrance everywhere.


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