Messy Desk update

It’s been quite the year for the messy desk, and here are the past few paintings that surfaced among the splatters of paint. Yes, I’m definitely kicking myself for juuuuust now doing one filled with shells. That was a fun one.

In a little life update: we’re having to move (just out of our rental, not a big relocation…yet. I always get nervous this time of year), and although it’s going to be an anxiety-filled pain in the butt…I’m really excited to hopefully have a room with good natural lighting ( and maybe a view of something other than a dying juniper bush) to be my studio.

But if that doesn’t happen, things will still work out. It just feels good to find something to look forward to when looking for a new home to rent.

So hope you like these latest paintings. They’re fun, and of course, there’s always something I want to change or work on. That’s life. That’s art.

Also quick sales/shop memo: I just checked and there are just a few calendars, and scarves left before they’re sold out. So scoop a few up (they also make great gifts) 

Or I say go out and paint something too. Art, in any form, tends to brighten up someone’s day. Or at least it does for me.

The question is…what to paint next…

Thanks for liking these beautiful messes. I sure do love sharing them with you.

Love Rebekah.

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