Blue Skies, Stetson and Camel

I snuck back to Colorado for a quick trip last week to see the fam…which meant fun, festivities, a loud crazy home (the BEST), and also this view in my parents’ back yard. And stealing my Dad’s Stetson for a bit, so I could feel like a badass, too. Ahhhhhh

I also scored the camel coat of my dreams over at – it’s been an over a two-year search, and I’m glad I waited until the perfect, barely worn (so it was in my price range) one finally surfaced. It’s by Maje, (It’s the Maje Gorel coat – in case you want to do a search, too) and it was love at first sight.

Glad I got to show it off with the Colorado blues, for some full-on Beth Dutton vibes. Even though we were a few states south.

That’s it. My mind is mush this time of year. I just get really excited about online consignment/thrift scored these days.

And always get excited for quick trips back home.

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