Tis the season for Cocooning

A beauty line that I simply adore, Violette_FR, recently sent a newsletter to explain the French concept of Cocooning, which is usually done this time of year, and I don’t know if I’ve ever wanted to print out a newsletter and hug it. I didn’t, but I still might.

I guess the US equivalent would be hibernating, but the French explanation made it all sound so much cozier and fashionable. It’s all about taking time to not feel guilty about kicking busyness to the curb, and just kind of hunkering down. Think: reading books, listening to music, and enjoying life with zero commercialism, expectations, or sense of guilt for decreased productivity. I just envision a gorgeous French apartment overlooking some sort of courtyard, lots of twinkle lights, wine, Otis Reddig on repeat, and chunky blankets.

The ultimate goal is to finally come out of your cocoon/hibernation state feeling refreshed, renewed. Or maybe just realizing how much we needed it.

So cheers to cocooning. However you might define it, or want to go about it, I say just definitely go for it.

For me, it’s going to be a lot of the following for the next 10 days:

• Perfecting my massive cup of strong coffee with hazelnut coconut creamer first thing in the morning. Then will savor it while reading Harry Potter with Levi.

• Rain or shine, snow or ice, taking Kili for her daily walk is the highlight of my day. I’m looking forward to making ours as slow, long, and non-rushed as possible.

• I want to paint, but really need to just sketch a lot. So filling up some sketchbooks.

• Music on 24/7

• Same with candles and making the house smell good.

• My brother got us a little at home Sauna pod and I will literally look like someone in a cocoon while in it. I shall be sweating every other day or so, and although it looks hilarious, it’s rather amazing.

• Soup, pasta, and lots of sourdough.

• Logging off, or intentionally losing my phone. Or both.

• Walking or driving around to look at Christmas lights on multiple evenings.

• Reading a book, and not beating myself up if I don’t get too far along because I always fall asleep after two pages.

• Actually taking a nap or two, preferably while cuddled up with Levi and Kili.

• Quick sweaty daily workouts followed by long hot showers.

• Having zero expectations, and trying to unwire my need for being überprodictive 24/7

• Soaking up life, while dreaming of tropical places.

…ahh sounds nice.

See you in 2022…If you need me, I’ll be in my cocoon.


(If something fun comes up to post I’ll probably end up sharing it before then though.)






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