Summer to do list

To do lists and I have a love hate relationship. I love making them, and hate that I rarely check everything off. Unless the list is composed of fun, fresh air imbued, inspiring items. Then I tend to get my butt in gear.

So here’s my summer to do list. Also known as what I plan on doing over the next 3 months. And I added some fun gear that might aid in check-off ability.

1: Go camping – In anything made by Poler (especially their napsack.)

2: Get better at Beach Volleyball – In Jolyn

3:  Discover the best iced coffee places in LA – In some overalls.

4: Fill out an entire journal with sketches – Using an ALLSWELL journal (Major bonus points for them donating part of their proceeds to Surfrider.)

5: Go to the Channel Islands and hike, kayak, SUP, dive, or just soak up the loveliness – In Seea

6: Do a sprint triathlon – In Roxy

7: Finally buy a little polaroid camera, and document a lot of summer in print form – Using (you guessed it) a polaroid cam.

8: Make homemade ice cream, and figure out my own signature flavor – in some really comfy sweats.

9: Read at least 3 books – in  Made By Dawn 

10: Watch the sunset, go on runs on the beach, take my dog on hikes, surf, and pack as much fun as I can into my favorite season of the year. In whatever the heck I feel like each day. 

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