I was having an off day

I was having an off day today. Yes tears, negative thoughts, self doubt, and cerebral junk. It happens. Then, I stumbled on this quote, and it was just the exact slap on the back of the head metaphor I needed. 

And well,  it kind of helped me snap out of it. Along with learning about this jewel of a human being

So, I slapped the quote on an old photo I found while going through some photos from a few years ago, and felt like someone else might benefit from this keep your head up PSA too. 

I always tell people to keep their heads up. And need to remember to tell myself it too sometimes. 

…also, being an avid sunset and rainbow admirer, makes me hate the thought of missing one (literally or figuratively) simply out of wallowing in some moody blues. Or staring at a phone. Or staring at the mountain of laundry I need to do.

Anywho, rainbows and sunsets happen every day, in so many ways. Let’s try to not miss them. Sometimes they are just the little pick me ups we need to see.

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