Sunny Waves

Just wishing you a day filled with some sunshine and beach waves. Whether it be bed head beach waves, lazy -I can’t find a brush beach waves, flat iron/curling iron beach waves, or my favorite… air dried salty crunchy I just spent some time in the ocean, natural beach waves.

On that note, here are 3 quick tips for beach waves.

I’d like to think I’ve mastered the art (curling iron or flat iron) but I keep on learning more tricks…

1: Leave the ends out. Always. Whether you’re using a flat iron or a curling iron for wavification, the ends do not get to party.

2: Spray some dry shampoo on the bottom 1/3rd of your hair after you’ve done your waves then just tousle your hair with your fingers. This gives it some grit and volume. It’s a magical combo.

3: Dirty hair is your friend. Embrace it. Literally. Feel free to add to the greasiness by rubbing some coconut oil/styling creme/pomade/whatever floats your boat on your hands then lightly running your fingers through the ends and over your hair.

Boom. Hair tips. Gotta love ’em.

I promise a video of me actually doing some beach waves/a tutorial is coming soon. I filmed one the other week and it was so awkward it was painful. Take #2 is coming up this week. Should be better.

In the meantime…Sunshine and beach waves. Yum.

Thanks, MOTHER denim for the oh so rad tee and retrolicious jeans 

…and Moroccan oil hydrating styling creme + Aveda Dry shampoo (along with my laziness in washing my hair) for the good hair day too.

…Ok and Vital Proteins collagen peptides for helping my hair grow to like a weed these past few years. 

…and I’m just loving my little in house photo studio lately too.

…FYI, I use ellipses way too much.

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