The Beach House

It’s not that I’m ungrateful for our rental home. I love the skylight and our back yard. The neighboorhood is hilly which is fun for our walks and has some great views. It’s just… our landlord won’t let us hang a picture on a wall (I snuck up a few) and well we are approximately 712,800 feet from the nearest wide open, big sandy beach. There are lake beaches (which are great), but it’s not the same.

So, along with my gratitude for our home, (trust me having 48 hours to find a rental in Seattle after a massive snowstorm was not stressful AT ALL. Nope.) comes many occasions when I dream of The Beach House. Or ways to make our home feel a little more in close proximity to the beach. Or one day living close to the beach for many many many years.

Here are a few pics I stumbled on that are keeping me from bidding on random stuff I don’t need on eBay to help save for that house.

Top to bottom:

• The dreamiest all white yet still boho bedroom ever. Pretty sure that setup and color scheme ould be my husband’s greatest nightmare, yet …is the bedroom of my dreams.

• I don’t know who made this or how one could track down this palm frond chandelier, (damn you tumblr pics) but I’m going to investigate. And I don’t even like chandeliers.

• Let’s all just sit for a minute and imagine taking a nightly bath in this setup. I’d be the cleanest person on the planet.

• If there are stairs in my beach home, they will be ombre. Blues, camel hues, yellows, it’ll happen.

• I’m not one for custom monograms, but couldn’t this logo by Lise Mailman be cool on a set of towels? Or maybe just a framed poster on a (white wall somewhere.) Love her work. Check it out here

•Never saw an outdoor shoer I didn’t like. This one included. Maybe the board can come with it?

..and last but not least,

• These rattan chairs are rad. SFGirlBybay has some amazing goods in her shop. I might hire her as a design consultant if this dream beach house ever happens. Dream big, right?

Here you go. Beach house dreaming is done for the day. Going to go head to the lake for a swim, then maybe investigate that palm frond chandelier a bit.


*None of these photos are mine. All photos are from my Beach House and Fixin Up My Rental Pinterest boards.

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