Happy Flower Child

You know the saying may you be happier than a bird with a french fry? Well, I kind of felt like that, but it was a mama sashaying around a sunflower field. We went to a sunflower farm over the weekend. It was my first time at such a place. My inner flower child was quite content.

I just NOW discovered the events tab on Facebook and went down the rabbit hole of finding all the events around us in the next month- concerts, festivals, free photography workshops, art shows, sporting events, and yes even… sunflower farms. Talk about a great resource to find things to do in a new area (especially when all you are used to doing is going to the beach.) And yes I will be at the 12th Annual Seattle Live Aloha Hawaiian Cultural Festival I just learned about.

So, back to sunflowers. My sister was in town (sunflowers are her favorite flower) and she just babysat for free for two nights/outings in a row. Sunflower farm it was. It’s the least I can do to say thanks for a date night, ok and I just love flowers, and any excuse to get out of town.

It was golden hour, super peaceful, not very busy, and we left super dirty, happy and with some fun pics.

Hope you like them. I brought my nice camera but ended up using my iPhone for everything. It’s just…so quick and easy when we’re out and about…especially with a fast 3-year-old in tow.

Moral of the story: finding a flower field to roam around definitely helps you learn to bloom where you’ve been planted.

…and I wish I could pay all babysitters like this.


* Thank you, MOTHER, for the sidewinder jeans and Rising Sun Button-up // Havainas for the sandals // Clhei for the cross body bag. //  My sister for the amazing company. Muwah. 

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