The Lineup

So many beauty products out there. So so many. So many ads for so many things. So many different messages. So many ingredients (some good some bad, some I think just sounds good.) So many cool looking packages and designs. So many good hair days because of some of this stuff (hallelujah). So many cool companies trying to just make us look and feel better.

So what’s a gal to do? In my case, wrote about the stuff I’ve tried (most have been sent to me, but yes I still buy some stuff too) that I genuinely think is cool, and holler when it deserves some love.

Consider this my little what’s new/working/cool beauty column. Aka the lineup.

*If you make it to the end of the post, there’s a giveaway. I thoroughly enjoy the sharing aspect of getting so many products to review. (although I’m not getting quite as much these days, so gotta space out these posts.)

So, here’s what’s been in heavy rotation or deserving a shout out this month/season/however long it’s been since I last wrote a lineup post.

Left to right top to bottom…

Harper + Ari Exfoliating sugar cubes – These skin sloughing cubes are made of aloe, shea butter and sugar…and are a fun new way to exfoliate and hydrate. This 6 piece set came in a Saltwater & Sand subscription box that was given to me (it’s sent out quarterly an is filled with luxurious beach boutique items, and made my day – check it out) …and I think I might need to invest in a jar of them.

AIM HI Everyday after beach leave in hair mist – I bout this from my pal’s boutique on the NS when I really needed a leave-in conditioner. AIM HI is a pure & organic beauty line made in Hawaii – and this mist is pretty much a beach bag must-have for me – You spray it on your hair, face, or anywhere you need a refreshing boost.  Next time I’m back on Oahu, I’m buying the big bottle.

• Speaking of good hair stuff, let me introduce you to Act + Acre – (aka the shampoo and conditioner I’ve been using lately. They sent me this duo along with the scalp treatment oil to try and I’m definitely a fan.) Mainly because it’s clean hair care – no gunk, sulfates, and any beneficial oils are cold-pressed so you get all the benefits off the good stuff that’s in it. I swear anytime you switch to clean stuff whatever it is you’re treating, it notices and thanks you accordingly.

• In case anyone wants to know what I smell like, I’m rocking kai eau de parfum. I know…what a shock. The scent never gets old and layers well with anything.

• Great new mascara alert – IT! Cosmetics X Dry Bar Lash Blowout mascara – My initial test of it blew me away (sorry had to get that pun in there) They sent it to me for review, but seeing it passed the no raccoon eyes after swimming and rubbing my eyes test,  didn’t clump, and has a great brush ( all non-negotiables for me with mascara) another tube will probably be purchased in case I lose this one.

• I’m in love with this stuff…Living Proof Perfect Hair day In Shower Styler. I pretty much only air dry my hair, and this stuff you put in at the end of your shower, then just barely rinse out..and it somehow leaves my hair shiny, full of volume and with a little enhanced wave. I bought the trial size, then just got the full-size 5 oz tube. They say it’s best for straight or slightly wavy hair if that helps at all. But yeah, this stuff rocks.

• Speaking of stuff that rocks – That almost empty bottle of Farmacy Honey Grail beauty oil was sent to me…and has gone all over with me (travel, beach, pool, lake, lego store, afternoon coffee runs). It’s a lightweight all-natural face oil (that I also use on my neck, hair, and hands) infused with buckwheat honey that gives you a great hydrating glow. My mom tried to take it from me.

• Then while we’re talking dewey glow look – I was sent some ILIA beauty (clean makeup that’s good for your skin, holla!) And I pretty much use these Multi Sticks and Liquid Light every. Darn. Day.

Elemis Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Aqua Infusion Mask – Something about hydrating masks, I never leave them on for 20 minutes, I just wear them overnight as a treatment, and enjoy waking up looking like I got 20 hours of sleep. Which…is what happens when I use this stuff. Ok maybe 12 hours of sleep (Dream big.) I’d never heard of Elemis, and am so glad they sent me this stuff to try, it’ seems like a great company with a wide range of products (of course the stuff my skin needs is the most expensive) but it’s definitely a company worth checking out.

• MoroccanOil Dry texture spray – If I could only use one hair volumizer/texturizer spray for the next few years (I’d say life but that’d be overdramatic) it’d be this stuff.

Tata Harper Illuminating Moisturizer, Illuminating eye cream and new Very Flashy Anti Aging Neuro Peptide Blush … all make my skin look so much better than it is, and me look way more rested than I am. Or maybe using it all is making my skin better. So grateful for anything the Tata crew sends for review. Especially the blush. Sorry, it’s sold out.

..whoa this is a long one. Time to wrap it up. Literally.

Aquis rapid dry hair turban. Yes, my husband says I remind him of his grandma whenever he sees me using this, but this super absorbant hair turban helps smooth hair, keep it from breaking, and also helps it air dry faster. Plus, I think it’s pretty stinking cute.

There you go. Lineup Sept 2019. Done.

***Oh yeah, time for a GIVEAWAY. In an effort to share the love (aka free products I get to test out and share), and help our bathroom look less like an episode of beauty product hoarders, I’m giving away a box full of beauty products for you to try (unused, promise). To enter: Just let me know which product intrigues you most from this post. Leave a comment below, and the winner will be announced and contacted by me in a week. *GIVEAWAY CLOSED – Congrats to the winner, Kate Charlton, and thank you all so much for your entries. Love knowing what kind of products float your boats.

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  • I wanna try it all… the kai eau de parfum sounds interesting and I’ve never been disappointed with a living proof product!

  • Ooh that Living Proof Perfect Hair Day in Shower Styler sounds like exactly what I need! I’m always trying to perfect the air-dry beach wave look.

  • I’m a hair product junkie, so super interested in the aim hi. Hair mist. Always looking for a way to refresh my curly hair!

  • Hey girl! Oh how I love your style. Creative. Writing. Artistic. Parenting. All of it. I love reading what you put out in the world and appreciate your honest perspective. Many of these products I have never seen or used before. My hair is fine and wavy so I’m most intrigued by the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day In Shower Styler.

    Ps- ordered a Puka Perri necklace I saw in your previous posts and LOVE!!! It. I am waiting on my custom ring currently. Thanks for sharing cool things.

  • To be honest….all of these products intrigue me! I really need to step up my beauty product game 😂🙈 but, the one that intrigues me most is the Elemis ultra smart pro-collagen aqua infusion mask! I’m a flight attendant and I’m regularly running on much less then my ideal 8 hours of sleep. So this product sounds like a must have! A product that will make me look like I got 12 (or 20) hours of sleep? Sign me up! 🤗

  • Hi! Definitely going to have to try the living proof shower styler, I like some of their other products, and the Farmacy Beauty Oil, I think a good face oil can solve all problems. Thanks for your reviews!

  • The Harper + Ari exfoliating sugar cubes and Farmacy Honey Grail beauty oil both sounds super interesting!! definitely two products i’d give a try!

  • I love these posts!! Your beauty recommendations are always my go-to!! The perfect Hair Day styler sounds SO amazing! It is absolutely going on my list to try!!

  • As crazy as it sounds, I’ve always been intrigued by the Aquis hair turban! I used to have a blonde mop/fro as a kid and now as an adult my hair still can’t get it together. I love all your beauty recs, and I hope you have an awesome weekend! 🙂

  • Hey Rebecca! This is like a dream flat-lay, but I’m super intrigued by the Farmacy Honey Grail beauty oil. I live for honey (tea addict reporting!) and oils in my skincare so this sounds like a “world’s collide” moment. Hope the new home is treating you well!

  • So many good ones! It’s a toss up between the a Elemis mask and the Living Proof styler. I love both brands and those products sound great!

  • Well it’s gotta be the hydrating mask – before clicking on the link I thought it was a sheet mask and thought man, that must be strange to sleep in but sure I’ll try it Love it all and thanks for sharing, my skin loves when you do these posts and my wallet hates it 🙂

  • Hi! All of the products sound amazing! Especially the Tata Harper products and the It Cosmetics Drybar Lash Blowout Mascara! I’m always looking for new safe skincare and a good mascara!

  • The Living Proof Perfect Hair day In Shower Styler definitely intrigues me; I’ve been hearing a lot about Living Proof and have been interested to check them out and I am also an adamant air-dryer!

  • I’m most interested in Elemis Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Aqua Infusion Mask. I’ve use other items from Elemis and was very impressed.

  • I’m so curious about the Moroccanoil texture spray…always looking for something that gives volume and holds that oh so perfect messy beachy texture!

  • Oh! The Elemis mask, please! Anything to alleviate the dreadful look of my tired, mom eyes. I’d be happy if I looked like I had 7 hours of sleep a night. I’m with you, 12 hours would be a dream. Someday…

  • The kai Eau de Parfum! The thought of going into the fall season smelling of gardenias and white florals makes me happy.

  • I been loving my Tata Harper cleanser (amazing find by you & a friend before actually!) & id love to try more of their products like the moisturizer – esp now that winter skin is coming!

  • Killer line up! In an attempt to be nicer to my fine, color treated hair, I’ve been trying to let it air dry more so I’d love to try the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day In Shower Styler. It sounds like a total game changer!

  • Super curious about that hair turban! My hair takes 5+ hours to air dry and I don’t have the shoulder stamina to blow dry it haha

  • Super interested in the Farmacy beauty oil!! Been trying to step up my skin care game and this seems like it would be an amazing addition to my routine! and the living proof in shower styler! I am like you and always air dry my hair. I think this would help my waves a lot!

  • super intrigued by the Farmacy beauty oil! I have been wanting to step up my skin care game specifically and feel like things would be a killer addition to my routine! also very intrigued by the living proof in shower styler.. my hair takes forever to dry and it’s also semi wavy. I want to try this and see if t helps my waves! Love your style! xoxo

  • Would love to try Tata Harper skincare! I’ve seen you post about it before and it featured other places and think it could help my skin!

  • as someone who loathes blow drying their hair, the shower hair styler intrigues me the most! like how did i not know this existed 🤯

  • Pretty much all of them! But if I had to pick I would say the Tata Harper products, they look amazing and your skin looks amazing so consider me interested!


  • They all sound ʻono!! Def would love to try the ILIA products…somethin’ about having one product to do everything. So easy and convenient! Oh, and the TATA HARPER products. Love hearing your reviews on her products…just haven’t gotten around to purchasing my own. Mahalo nui!!

  • They all sound ʻono!! Def would love to try the ILIA products…somethin’ about having one product to do everything. So easy and convenient! Oh, and the TATA HARPER products. Love hearing your reviews on her products…just haven’t gotten around to purchasing my own. Mahalo nui

  • ILia multi sticks look amazing so vibrant an clean ingredients be awesome 👏 to try in humid weather here on the big 🌴 island 😘🤙🏾 Aloha

  • I would LOVE to try the living proof in shower styler- ya girl has hair that needs some extra volume and I very rarely have the patience to blow-dry and style! I ❤️ your beauty lineups and honest feedback, keep em comin!

  • My mom and I are always looking out for great shampoo and conditioner companies! We need clean and amazing products to tame plus nourish our big manes 🦁 hehe I would love to give Act + Acre shampoo and conditioner a try!

  • Hi. Always enjoy reading all your reviews, well anything you write. I think you’re funny so While I read I laugh…anyway to the point here. I’m most intrigued by the farmacy oil (been looking for a good one) , AIM leave in, tata Harper blush and the Ilia multi stick. Well I guess that is almost everything. Abrazos

  • Def need to check out that mascara. I’ve been trying milk but it’s not fully water/smudge proof. And the perfume, and the box, and the aim hi bc it all sounds amazing!

    Good weekend vibes 😊


  • The mascara intrigues me the most. I live on the beach and surf often and I usually have to sacrifice a good mascara for one that is waterproof or stays well in the water. Thank you for sharing your products 🙂

  • I would love to try them all! However, the Living proof one really intrigues me, I have that in between straight and curly beach waves that everyone loves, but no one knows how hard it is to find a product that works for it. I wish I could just air dry my hair and go!

  • I’m curious about Act + Acre cause I am on the hunt for a new holy grail shampoo and conditioner! I feel like every time I move, the water changes and my hair morphs…leading me to find another set of products.
    I’m onto a shampoo bar by Lush which has been a travel staple due to my bad luck of exploding shampoo bottles on airplanes 😂 but the bar takes the hassle away! It’s just a bit rough on my blonde however, so the journey starts again!

  • Oooh tough call! I think the Living Proof in shower styler sound a pretty nifty – I really only ever air dry as well so anything that would give my hair a little extra oomph is a win! I love texturing sprays but often they just make my hair look like one bug rats nest. Also very intrigued by the Farmacy Honey Grail beauty oil. I love a good face oil!

  • The AIM HI mist! I’m trying to find something to make my beach hair less frizzy and more smooth so I can rock it longer before a wash (I’m a gross beach kid, I know I know).

  • I have been curious about that in-shower hair styler since you talked about it on a story months ago!
    Thank you for your sunshine soul- you’re inspiring. 🌻

  • I would say the shampoo and conditioner caught my eye the most!! I am a big fan of clean beauty products and am dying to try some new hair care. Currently my shampoo and conditioner are making my hair oily and dry??? Is that possible?? So I’m definitely interested in trying out these products! Thanks!

  • Infusion mask yes please! Fast drying hair turban, need!
    Life has gotten so busy and beauty regimens have taken a seat on the side lines – which needs to change! Would love to explore some new products. Xo

  • Just started following AIM HI because of this post and now really want to try the after beach mist! The beach + sun always really takes it out of my hair and leaves me looking like a real raggamuffin 😂 love finding and supporting local brands that are organically sourced and all that jazz. Also I LOVE when you do these product round up review posts and have been tuning in for years. You rock chica

  • There’s always so much to learn when it comes to beauty products, and I loved reading your line up! Farmacy Honey Grail beauty oil is probably the one that intrigues me most, those little bottles can be magical! ✨ much love Xx

  • I’m always interested in new mascara… I have way too many tubes of it. As well as another clean shampoo.. I’ve been trying out the sulfate/paraben free ones lately. Haven’t found one I truly love yet.

  • Hi GoldFish Kiss!
    I am wondering if you have tried out Ilia beauty Super Serum skin tint spf 40…I’ve been into Jane Iredale for years and the SPF is amazing and the color matches my skin tone well, but I need something lighter with less pigment and that requires less blending and I know you are really into clean beauty so I figured I’d ask you to go try it and tell us all how it is!

    • Haven’t tried it but it’s on my MUST TRY list! There’s another oil/serum-ish Foundation by Kosas that I want to try. Will definitely be singing praises if either work!