La Petite idylle. Oh My.

You ever see something and just say, whoa that’s so cool? Well, that’s what happened when I stumbled on the colorful beachy boho handiwork of Idyl, the creator of La Petite idylle. It’s a gorgeous beachy Etsy shop filled with beaded accessories in color combos that speak my love language, and cowrie shells are everywhere you look. Did I mention this is the place where I bought my cowrie shell sunglass chain from? Yup. This is your gal.

Everything is handmade and designed in Turkey by Idil, or one of her “Angels” – women facing difficult times who are needing to earn extra income for their families. The colors and design all represent a memory or feeling, and even that insanely stunning macrame belt bag is a design her mother has been creating since she was 20 (and is now 76).  I’m not certain, but her mom might still be making the bags. Ok, I think I love it even more.

I can’t wait to get these pieces to a gorgeous, white sandy beach, but also couldn’t wait to spread some love for Idil and her creations. Which when rocking, make a white sandy beach feel a little bit closer than it is.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a little something-something that’s unique, handmade with love, and will brighten up your day with a beachy vibe, say merhaba to La Petite idylle. (Just learned to how to say hi in Turkish – learn something new every day.)

La Petite idylle Shop // @lapetiteidylle on IG


*Thank you Idil for the jewels and bag pictured above (tell your Angels thank you for their handiwork too.) These beauties will be getting lots of love. 

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