Ma Plus Belle Aventure

I finally got the tattoo I’d wanted for our ten year wedding anniversary…a year and a half later. And completely changed what I wanted it to say at the last minute (but always knew I wanted it to be in French.) Totally typical of me. But after nine moves, six states, who knows how many boxes, so many tears and I’m sorry’s, being each other’s iron sharpens iron but also each other’s best friend and favorite surf buddy (even when he steals my waves)…among many many other things, yeah…this man is my most beautiful adventure.

Marriage isn’t easy, and if you’re coming here expecting lots of pics of us looking perky and perfect together, that’s just not us. It’s the craziest, most rewarding, yet also frustrating relationship in my life. But also all of that stuff is one of the parts that makes it so darn beautiful.

I don’t like to talk about it too much on here (gotta be respectful, and also love how my husband is pretty much the opposite of a blog husband,) but I’ll just say marriage rocks.

Thanks to my husband for taking a 30 seconds break from listening to his Joe Rogan podcast to snap the pic. It might be a framer.

And even after nine tattoos, my mom just called me asking if that was a real tattoo. Sorry, Mom.



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