SXSW. A beach bum goes to Texas.


To say it was an exciting few days in Texas, would be an understatement. I just got back from 2.25 days full of inspiration, people watching overload, Music that makes my ear drums want to write me a thank you note, food truck fantasticness, and über fun times in Austin. I was at the festival that is so cool you only need to write it’s initials, SXSW.

Many many thanks to Samsung and the team at Fohr Card, for sending me over the Pacific. Now here’s my attempt at a somewhat brief and coherent recap.


For some reason, I can never sleep on red eyes. But, I arrived in downtown Austin to find a Chevy Silverado cruising down the street filled with Monster energy drinks. Problem solved. Now to the fun stuff.

Head to a concert at Stubbs…with Dave Grohl and Stevie Nicks. Stevie sang Landslide. I could’ve flown back a happy person right after the final note. Goosebumps, chicken skin, it was all a happening. And I also was reminded of how tall Dave Grohl is. 


Enjoyed a tour of Austin by my pal Kirsten of Triple Max Tons. She showed me food trucks, seriously sweet signage, and what was to be my favorite restaurant I’ve never even eaten at, but was in love with because of it’s creativity, G’raj Mahal. She also introduced me to what what was my happy place, my sanctuary, aka Walton’s Fancy & Staple. Any coffee shop that has tiny craft paper wrapped succulents at each table, and a flower shop in back, I shall love. Oh yeah Sandra Bullock also owns it.

Had an intense discussion over the Texas vs. Oklahoma football rivalry, and sad state of the Cruise industry with the shuttle driver on the ride back to the hotel.

Met up with the team for dinner at Swift’s Attic for a meal that included fried brie balls, a bunch of crazy yet delicious things I’ve never eaten before, and a scotch drink called Prince Edward’s Ass…that I probably should’ve cut myself off of after one. Oops. But yum.

Rap concert followed by an extremely entertaining shuttle ride back to the hotel, with a family from the UK who I just thought were some of the joy charming people ever. 


Had a much needed work out, and swam some laps (in the ONE bikini I packed. Yes, I only packed one.) 

Checked out the State Capitol, more food trucks, paid homage to Friday Night Lights and designed a Free Riggins Tee. Then, when walking around downtown, I heard one of my favorite musicians from Hawaii, Anuhea singing. Figured out where the heck it was coming from, and caught her set. Too cool. 

…then the grand finale. A concert put on by Samsung featuring A Tribe Called Quest…and Prince. I even wore a sequin blazer. It’s Prince. Sequins should be mandatory. 

You can look up articles on Rolling Stone, Billboard, and Huffington Post for thorough coverage. But here’s what they didn’t write about:

I was SO close to Prince, I could see his fake eyelashes, perfectly precise eyeliner, and light up soles on his sneakers in his 4th wardrobe change. Damaris Lewis (the SI Swim model) can dance better (and is more gorgeous) than Beyonce…and I was about 3 people too far to the right, or else I would’ve been chosen by Prince himself, to come up on stage and dance with him, the band, and Damaris…in my sequin blazer. 

It was by far the best concert I’ve ever been to. It also lasted so long, I almost missed my 6 am flight.

I ended up making my flight, because I caught a cab with the dad of a musician who performed at SXSW (Not Prince). A guy named Connor Youngblood, and he just happens to be amazing. I think Prince, or A tribe Called Quest, or Stevie Nicks, or Dave Grohl should team up with him. 

To sum it all up, I found new music, ate great food, met some really cool people, felt inspired…and almost danced with Prince. 

…needless to say, I slept almost the entire flight back to Hawaii. 

Fun times. 

All of the pictures above were taken with my new photo weapons: the Samsung Galaxy Camera or the Samsung Galaxy Note II. 

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