I got nothing but love for ya


If you happen to stumble on this post, which I really hope you do, I just wanted to take a minute to say…thank you. In every language imaginable. But let me just start with, thanks, gracias, merci, mahalo, obrigada, and danke. I really should know more, but that’s just off the top of my head.

I just hope you know how much I appreciate you stopping by, and taking a minute out of your day to check out whatever it is I’m saying or sharing on this thing. It honestly is so humbling, flattering and motivating. And I just really hope I let you all know how much it means to me…enough.

To anyone who has ever written me an encouraging email – thank you. So many made me cry (in a good way), made me excited to whip open my laptop or bust out my camera, and are really a much needed virtual hug. So thank you. I really hope I wrote you all back. If I didn’t, check your spam (It happens. Gmail doesn’t like my url sometimes), and if it’s not in there, feel free to give me a virtual slap on the back of the head. Because just being to connect with someone via this thing…that’s what it’s all about. Seriously. Merci beaucoup.

To anyone who reads this blog – every day, or every once in a while, or just somehow found it via who knows where, thank you. I honestly feel bad when I miss a day or two of posting, not out of guilt, but because I just think life in all it’s aspects is so darn fun and beautiful, that I love having a platform to share bits and pieces of it. No boss or supervisor shooting down ideas and picking which picture to use. It’s a creative dream come true. But know I also am thinking of you all and make a conscious effort to not be too sales-y, and try to keep the quality over quantity mindset. Maybe that’s why I’ve never really cashed in on the business side of blogging, but maybe that’s why it’s all still so fun. So in short, if you read this, know I’m thinking of you, and will never post about some skinny tea that makes you poop your brains out. 

To my mom (I know you are reading this ) – Thank you for telling everyone you come in contact with about this thing. Although it embarrasses me SO MUCH your encouragement is amazing, and honestly, I’ve met some amazing people because of your proud momness. (Note: please feel free to use my mom as inspiration and tell anyone you want about this thing.) 

To anyone who likes my art – thank you a million times over. Painting for a living has always been a dream of mine, and I’m taking baby steps in that direction because of you. My mind is completely blown just knowing people have prints of my art up in their homes, or are wearing it in some shape or form. Whoah. I just wish there were more hours in each day so I could use those extra minutes to paint more frequently. 

To anyone who is still reading this – You are a trooper. Sorry for any typos. And I promise I am almost done. 

I had this post written in my head for the past few days, and well, I don’t think I followed the outline all that well. In fact, I can’t remember anything it said. This happens quite frequently. 

But, to finally wrap up this long winded, yet much needed attitude of gratitude note…

If you get one message from this post, I just hope you know how incredibly grateful I am for anyone reading this blog. I guess the official term is followers. 

But I think encouragers is more like it. (Hope that wasn’t too cheesy.) 


With all my salty & sun kissed love, 


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