As much as I like to

As much as I like to sing praises to strong coffee and multiple espresso shots, the best way to wake up is to get up and move for a bit. It works. Promise. So figured I’d share this quick little pick me up that works wonders when your eyelids are feeling like they have dumbbells sewn onto them. Which happens rather frequently this time of year. 

You can do it anywhere and no equipment is required (other than the will to stand up and start moving.) 

The basic principle is super simple: choose five movements, and do each movement 10 times, then 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and finally 1. 

its just a big ‘ol ladder circuit. Which is one of my favorite ways to quickly break a sweat without needing much creativity or brain power. 

So give it a shot. It’s better than a quadruple shot:

Do the following with as little rest as possible (Aka only stop if you really need to catch your breath. Should take 7 -10 minutes to complete)

• 10 squat jumps

• 10 speed skaters (Each side)

• 10 push ups ( Low, elbows tucked in, and slow is the way to go)

• 10 mountain climbers (Each side. Wide or regular. Whatever floats your boat.)

• 10 tuck jumps 

…then do 9 of each

then 8 of each

then 7 of each

then 6 of each

then 5 of each

then 4 of each

then 3 of each

then 2 of each

then 1 of each.

Then enjoy feeling freaking fantastic once you’re done. And if you must, go grab a cup of coffee if you need. 

Chances are you won’t notice if it’s decaf.

More workout/health posts aqui.

..and I’m rocking a Spiritual Gangster Muscle tee. (That last part rhymed. Go me.) 

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