Apricot Afternoons


I fell in love with the words, creativity, and aesthetic of everything that is Tess Guinery at first sight. So, I immediately impulse-purchased her book, The Apricot Memoirs, the second I figured out who this lady was behind all these poems with suns and rainbows on them that were like a coffee date for my soul.

Well, the book was on preorder, I kind of forgot I ordered it, it just arrived, and it’s simply stunning. So, I’ve decided to carve out five minutes of each afternoon to just flip through the pages and let her words work her magic, all while having my afternoon iced coffee.

I shall call it the Apricot Afternoon ritual, because we all need to read words like this…

“In a beautiful world that has come to hooray the hustle, I find my sweet-loving soul rebelliously dancing to the contrary. For this season, busy has no place–busy cannot lasso my time. It is down by the river, sunbathing on silky rocks.” – Tess Guinery.

You ever read something and it puts into words exactly how you feel or think? So many of her poems do that. She nails it on the head with faith, motherhood, creativity, and art. And little does she know it, gave me a bunch of encouragement and motivation…all the way from Australia.

Creativity at work is pretty mind-blowing like that.

Tess wherever you are, thank you for bringing this book into the world. I’ll be looking forward to my five-minute iced coffee breaks with your words daily.

The Apricot Memoirs  // @TheApricotMemoirs  

The pants that happened to match perfectly (not planned.)

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