I went for a walk over

I went for a walk over the weekend and picked up some shells. Storms tend to wash them all up, which meant Michael washed up a ton. So there I was, picking shells, and just 90 or so miles down the coast people are trying to pick up their homes, towns, and lives. A slight shift in weather patterns and the story would be reversed. I’m learning (as a Florida newbie) that hurricanes are crazy like that. Can’t help but feel guilty, have a massive heartache for those affected, want to share something somewhat positive (ahem these shells)…and want to help. 

Links + Ways to help/donate:

• Charities:  Samaritan’s Purse + Direct Relief 

• Here are a New York Times article and an article from Time.com that have a few ways to help and donate (including animal shelters).

• Here is a list of requested items you can buy on Amazon and have shipped to help relief efforts and those in need (shipping address is in the link) 

• And a local gofundme is collecting donations for supplies.

Every buck helps, every thought counts, and who knows, even the sight of a shell might spread a tiny bit sunshine to someone whose spirits need a lift.

We were on the very far west end of the storm, so all we had were some massive waves, and strong wind gusts. Before the storm hit, the waves were nearly breaking over the Navarre Pier. Then about four or so hours after the storm, the ocean calmed down, the wind was perfectly offshore….and we were all out surfing. (And are covered in jellyfish and sea lice stings as a result. It was worth it though. Surfing makes you weird like that.) Then, a few hours later, it was one of those pinch-me neon sunsets that only a massive storm tends to create. 

What a day. 

Then, I had my parents in town (we were vacationing down in 30A and evacuated back to Navarre on Tuesday before the storm) and well, a day like that puts things in perspective, so I kind of just took it easy, unplugged (and stopped watching the Weather channel) and enjoyed spending time with my fam, feeling grateful, and covering myself in apple cider vinegar to relieve the jellyfish itch. Because there were waves the next day too. 

So, In case anyone was wondering where the heck I went the past week. Now you know. 

Blogging shall resume…now. 

and we all will be thinking and praying for anyone affected by Michael. Big Time.

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