The Beach House


Well, we did it. We bought a house. Excuse me while I take a long, deep, try not to stress, breath. It’s about a 12-minute drive to the beach, so it’s not technically a beach house, but I’m going to make sure this puppy is going to feel like it’s a helluva lot closer to the sand. So, naturally, my brain is in “Dreaming of Beach House” mode quite frequently these days. 

The home is all white – floors, walls, everything. So it’s basically a blank canvas, which I love. I’m not so pumped about the thought of moving again, but love the sorting and getting rid of stuff aspect of it all. But this should be an interesting/educational/ok we’re officially adults type of deal. Yikes.

So while we’re dealing with all the stuff associated with closing, inspections, all that jazz that sounds like a foreign language to me…I shall dream about The Beach House. And get the ideas a-brewing on what we might put in ours…

Gallery wall inspiration. I think adding a board to the gallery wall is just oh soo beautifully brilliant.

PFYT handmade ceramics. Gosh, I’d want to eat every single meal out of one of these beauties. 

Bold, vintagey, jewel-toned rugs, I adore you. Just might have to find a cheap one on Wayfair until potty training is officially over. Ok, and our dog only pukes on area rugs. Definitely not investing in a nice one. 

This….is the living room of my dreams. Gotta love breaking up a big open space with a hammock. Or just hammocks anywhere in general. Ok, I’m definitely on the hunt for a hammock. 

• This is such a beautiful, and pertinent quote, it would be a great print for a kitchen, or entryway…or anywhere really.  

• Kawaiian Lion I Left my heart in Hanalei Bay/I Left my Heart in Honolulu pillows, miiiight be a necessity. 

• We have a front porch, which means space for some hanging seating of some kind. Swing, chair, daybed. we shall see…what my husband and I can install together without it being WWIII. Wish us luck.

There you go. Should be an interesting next month. 

…And if I am only pinning interior design ideas for the next month or so…you know why. 

Fun times. 

*None of these photos are mine. All photos are from my Beach House and Fixin Up My Rental Pinterest boards.

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