This one’s been stuck in my

This one’s been stuck in my head for a few days now, however, it all came together in my head tonight when I went for a run. Yeah, I might’ve been choked up a bit at the time too. One thing I’ve learned through all the moves and changes over the past five years, is how to love and let it fly. It’s a beautiful, yet hard to grip thing.

More poems aqui.

I picked up a seashell
and threw it back to the sea
because after all
that’s where it loves to be.
A drop of rain fell on my cheek
and rolled down to my lips
so I blew a kiss to the sky
figuring the drop would be missed.
There was a flower behind my ear
that someone I loved picked for me
so I let it fall to the ground
where it’s colors needed to be seen.
I’m learning there’s so much to take
but if you do, it just ends at that
I suppose when you can give it away
it writes a love story right back.
So I think I’ll keep on walking
and adoring simple things I pass by
they just show the joy of loving
learning to let go
and figuring out why.

~Late night ramblings by me (Rebekah Steen)

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