Au Natural for the Coconuts


Since it’s Breast Cancer awareness month, I figured now is a great time to talk about natural deodorant. Not just because the stuff I’ve tested smells amazing, but I think it’s an easy yet crucial step to take in breast cancer prevention. 

So, first off, let’s all go download the Keep A Breast app so we can schedule a reminder to take a monthly self-exam and have some breast health info at our fingertips.  

And secondly, here are a few of my favorite deodorants, and why I urge you to spend the extra dough and make the au natural switch. 

Your coconuts will love you for it. 

Ok, why natural deodorant? 

There is an ongoing debate on whether or not parabens and aluminum have a direct correlation to breast cancer. Just google “why I should switch to an all natural deodorant” and prepare to see a TON of articles on both sides of the debate. I’ve read articles on both points of views and came to this conclusion: when in doubt, toss the nasty stuff out. 

Our bodies like to sweat. Plus, if you’ve ever read the ingredients on a label of antiperspirant it sounds like a chemistry experiment. A big confusing one. Which, I don’t know, seems like an odd thing to use when it’s something you’re putting directly on your armpit skin which seems like the LAX terminal 1 into your breast/lymph nodes/system.

I switched over 6 years ago. At first, it felt weird, but my body adjusted, and I honestly can say pitting out isn’t as huge of a deal for me as it used to be. The armpit swamp dramatically decreased. I still sweat and am a human sprinkler system when I’m working out, and if I don’t wear deodorant I think I smell like a tub of old coleslaw. So I need the stuff. Anyone want a hug? 

So on that note, let’s talk natural deodorants.

As with any beauty product, everyone’s body reacts differently, but here are some that got two thumbs up. And note: none of these are big time antiperspirants. They just kept my pits feeling fresh, and successfully kept me from smelling like an olive bar.  

Corpus NaturalsThird Rose or Nº Green. This is hands down, my favorite natural deodorant I’ve tried. It works, smells fantastic, and lasts quite a while. I was sent three testers and am on their email list to be notified when they get more stock in, (since everything sold out)  so I can purchase a full size when they are back in stock. 

Kopari Coconut Deo – Everything Kopari does it a home run. Deodorant included. Smell like coconuts, has stellar ingredients, was an Allure Best of Beauty Winer. Kopari, our coconuts salute you. 

kai *rose deodorant – Checks off all the boxes for a deodorant, and I mean, this stuff doubles as a perfume. I just want to hug myself and enjoy having to reapply whenever needed.

EiR NYC Cabana Body Spray – I carry this stuff in my bag and it’s great on the go spray refresher. Plus, it’s got all the essential oils, sandalwood, bergamot, and stuff that kind of give you a pick me up too.   

Tom’s of Maine – Lavender – This is what I used when I made their initial switch and used it for years….mainly because I could get it at Trader Joe’s. I miss Trader Joe’s. 

There’s a few for ya. If you’re an Amazon shopper, here’s dozens more to choose from. It’s actually pretty sweet how many options there are now. I think when I was growing up we just had that one odd crystal thing tucked away on the bottom shelf. 

So, check yourself. 

Then check your deodorant. 

And feel free to remind a friend or two, or three, too. 

I’ll refrain from any more coconut references. 

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