IT WAS ONE OF THOSE DAYS …clear, blue, with a side of gorgeous. Oh, fall at the beach. I adore you.

Something I love about where we live is how you can’t really see the beach until you park and walk over the sand dune. Then it’s like “the big reveal”. On days when there are (rideable) waves (In any shape or form), we jump for joy. On days like this, I stretched my arms out, said “Hallelujah. Are you serious?! Look at THIS?!” Then thanked my husband for taking the leap of faith that allowed us to move here, and proceeded to make a beeline for the water. 

So, in typical Bek form, I took too many pics ( with my phone. I brought my nice camera but forgot to put a memory card in it. Wish I could say that’s the first time that’s happened.)… got a little too much sun, found lots of shells, and soaked it all up. Because I loved it. And as I sit here, in cutoffs and a sweaty tee on my couch, staring at a pile of laundry, and knowing we won’t get to the beach today… I really just wanted to relive the beauty of a few days ago for a few minutes.

Lub Dub. Times two. 

Vix One Piece // OTIS Sunnies // Jemma Sands + Pearl Love Jewelry // Janessa Leone Hat // Eye Of Horus Goddes mascara (new favorite waterproof/water resistant mascara – That doesn’t have any toxic gunk.) // …and a freakishly gorgeous day in Navarre Beach. 

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